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La Villa de Veyrier
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La Villa de Veyrier
25, chemin de Montpellaz
74290 Veyrier-du-lac

Tourist tax

1,45€ per adult per day
Payable on arrival
(by cheque or cash)

The price includes

  • Greeting the client
  • Cleaning the property
  • Bedsheets and towels
  • Television channels
  • Internet

The price excludes

  • Transport
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Activities
  • Tourist tax

Booking conditions

At the time of booking, you will need to make out a security deposit cheque that won’t be cashed to the amount of: 2,000 euros (Two thousand Euros)

(Please note! International tenants must make the transfer one month before their stay or pay in cash on the day of arrival).

After the exit inventory is agreed by both parties, this deposit will be returned to you a maximum of three weeks after you have vacated the property, by cheque or bank transfer, minus any sums due to the lessor for damage caused to the property during the rental period and accountable to the tenant, members of their family, in their employ, or any other person present on the property because of the tenant.

Should you book less than 30 days before the beginning of your stay, you will be asked to pay the entire rental cost at the time of booking.

The tenant is responsible for any damage that occurs because of their actions and is required to have taken out holiday insurance to cover such risk, and to provide proof of insurance upon receipt of the balance. Please request the document from your insurer.

An individual booking is only considered firm and definitive if the client does the following:

  • returns a contract signed both by simplified joint-stock company Seventy Four and the client within 8 days of Seventy Four sending out the contract
  • makes a payment within 8 days of receipt of the contract; either by bank transfer or deposit cheque (for a minimum of 50% of the cost of the entire stay, inclusive of all taxes, in Euros) after this period, if simplified joint-stock company Seventy Four has not received payment for the balance, it will consider the booking cancelled and will put the dates booked back up for rental. The 50% deposit sent at the time of booking will be permanently retained by Seventy Four.

Rates are non-contractual, for illustration purposes only, and subject to modification without warning. They are variable depending on the time of year. The agreed price will be, where necessary, increased if a price increase becomes necessary following any modification in tax regulations, particularly an increase in the rate of VAT.

The owner must be notified of any cancellation by recorded post, cancellations will not be possible, except in the event of an act of God for which evidence can be provided (illness, accident, death), in the 15 days leading up to the start of the rental period.

No refunds will be made in the event of an interrupted stay.


A rental will take effect if I receive the rental contract at the following address: 16 Impasse du Pré au Moine 74290 VEYRIER-DU-LAC (Within one week of the contract being posted, otherwise the contract will be considered cancelled) In order to rent the property, you should keep one copy of the contract, and return a signed, dated copy. Return this contract initialled on each page and signed, accompanied by the cost of the rental, made out to:


This payment will be carried out by bank transfer at the request of the tenant or by cheque attached to this contract.

  • Do not forget to attach proof of holiday insurance to guarantee your stay! (request a certificate from your insurer free of charge).
  • The 300€ cleaning fee deposit is payable on arrival, it will be returned to you at the end of your stay if the cleaning has been carried out satisfactorily.
  • Holiday tax = 1.45€ per adult per day – Payable on arrival by cheque or cash.

I, the undersigned declare that I acknowledge and accept all terms and conditions, and accompanying documents attached to this contract. Signature of parties accepting the conditions.

On the arrival day, the balance of the villa booking must be paid. Any client who has not paid the balance by the agreed date is considered as having cancelled their stay. After that point, the property will be put back up for rental during the period booked and no refunds will be possible.

Two inventories will be drawn up, one at the beginning of the contract and one at the end, agreed up by both parties and signed by both the tenant and the property owner or their representative at the start and end of the rental period. These documents will be the only frame of reference in the event of any dispute concerning the condition of the property.

Upon the tenant’s arrival, the villa’s state of cleanliness will be noted in the inventory. The villa is furnished with kitchen equipment, glassware, bedcovers and pillows… as noted in the inventory.

If necessary, the property owner or their representative is entitled to claim from the tenant, on their departure, the total value of the cost of replacing items of furniture, the spa, or broken, damaged or missing equipment, and/or the cost of cleaning bedcovers left unwashed. Any damage to walls or other equipment (radiators, light fittings, electrical equipment, plumbing, etc…) will be invoiced at the current cost according to estimates by a relevant tradesperson or the purchase receipt.

Rules and regulations

This contract was drawn up for a capacity of 8 people (see attached list). If the number of tenants (adults and children) exceeds the agreed number without prior agreement, the property owner reserves the right to refuse additional guests.

Tenants must occupy the property themselves, treat it with due diligence and maintain it appropriately.

All equipment is in working order and no complaints will be admitted after 24hrs of occupying the property.

Any repairs required to the villa or property as a whole due to negligence or poor maintenance during the rental period will be payable by the tenant.

Tenants are obliged to respect the tranquillity of neighbouring properties and ensure that they, their family or guests, do not cause any disturbance of the peace.

Subletting is not allowed under any circumstances, even free of charge, subject to the termination of the contract.

The Villa de Veyrier is a non-smoking area.

During your stay you will be able to access the internet by connecting your devices to Wi-Fi. Access is carried out under your own responsibility. Parents must keep a close eye on their children, use is authorised subject to current French law, in the event of misuse you may face a court of competent jurisdiction. You will be given the Wi-Fi code on arrival.

Smoking is not permitted inside the Villa. Any breach of this rule will incur a 400€ flat-rate fine. Pets are not allowed except for in special circumstances as defined by the property owner.

The villa is fitted with autonomous smoke alarms for your safety.

Should they be required, fire extinguishers are available in the villa. Please follow instructions on how to use.  Any unjustified use of or activation of an extinguisher will automatically lead to the retention of all or part of your deposit. Similarly, tenants will be liable for the repair costs of any damage caused by unjustified use.

The swimming pool is available to everybody providing they have no known allergies to bromine or chlorine. These measures are in accordance with current safety standards. However, they are no substitute for common sense and especially not for the vigilance of parents or guardians in the case of young children or minors.

  • The Swimming Pool is only available in the summer season.
  • The pool cover is a safety measure and must be closed after each use.
  • Smoking, eating or drinking in the swimming pool is strictly forbidden
  • The addition of any substance to the pool, whatsoever it is, is strictly forbidden.
  • Users are strictly forbidden from accessing the machinery to alter the pool’s various settings.
  • Access to the swimming pool is the sole responsibility of the user.