A mountain of thrills, the peak of enjoyment

Alpine & Nordic skiing

Just 30 minutes from the Aravis mountain range, snowsports fans are well catered for here. There’s Alpine skiing for speed junkies, Nordic skiing for nature lovers, ski touring for freedom fans… The peak of enjoyment guaranteed, every single time.

Other wintersports

If the mountains have different sides, it’s so that everyone can find the perfect way to express themselves. So, there isn’t just one, but several paths to follow, in a toboggan, on snowshoes, on ice skates, or even in a dog-sled, giving your stay a touch of the Far North. And for those who want to take things a step further, ice-diving is also available!

A land of culture

It starts with the ‘Descente des Alpages’ cattle moving festival in the old town. It continues with the Ancileviennerie in Albigny. It’s rounded off with a fondue or a tartiflette, ahead of a traditional evening around the fire. Unless you’d prefer a night out at the theatre, a concert or the cinema. If there’s one thing to know about Savoyard culture, it’s its ability to make autumn and winter much warmer than anywhere else…

And much more besides…

You can also push your limits on level ground at Le Pays d’Alby on the Glières plateau, by setting off to discover secret spots, tucked-away eco-museums, pastoral and wine-making traditions – closely guarded secrets that are ready to be shared.